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Electric Vehicle Repair in Ukiah, CA

Electric vehicles are extremely popular for their dependability, advanced technology, quick acceleration, low-carbon footprint, and cost-saving benefits such as fuel savings and federal and local state tax credits. Most electric vehicles are powered by a battery, which stores and collects electricity while it is plugged in. The batteries then power electric motors that propel the vehicle. Electric vehicles are getting increasingly popular for their rapid development in technology, design, and efficiency. 

Electric Vehicles Today

More and more carmakers are offering electric vehicles in their model lineup. Some carmakers like Tesla only offer electric vehicles, while others, such as Nissan, offer convention gas-powered vehicles (hybrids) and full electric vehicle options. Here are some of the most popular electric vehicles today:

  • Tesla: Tesla has four electric vehicles, with two more on the way: Model S, which is a liftback sedan, Model X, which is a mid-size SUV, Model 3, which is a compact sedan, and Model Y, which is a compact crossover. Tesla is well regarded for its high range, advanced technology, and stylish looks. 
  • Nissan: Nissan offers two electric vehicles, the Leaf and the ARIYA. The Nissan Leaf is a compact hatchback that offers up to 226 miles of range and is known as one of the first affordable and popular electric vehicles. 
  • Chevrolet: The Chevrolet Bolt was first introduced in 2016. Chevrolet updated the Bolt in 2020 to get up to 259 miles of range and a whole bunch of updated technology. They also just released an EV Silverado.
  • Hyundai: Hyundai offers two different electric vehicles, the Kona, a compact SUV, and the Ioniq Electric, a compact hatchback. The Kona can get an estimated 258 miles of range, and the Ioniq Electric can get up to 170 miles of range. 
  • Mini: The Mini Cooper SE Electric Hardtop is one of the newest electric vehicles to be available. Mini announced this vehicle in March 2020. It gets a range of 110 miles, has a spacious cabin, and is super agile to drive.
  • Porsche: Porsche’s first electric vehicle is the Taycan, a luxury sport sedan. The Porsche Taycan gets an estimated 201 miles of range and has one of the best sporty driving feel in its class. 
  • BMW: BMW offers two different electric vehicles, the iX and the i4, which can achieve a range of 324 miles while providing luxury.

Your Shop for Electric Vehicle Repair

Bringing your vehicle in for repair as soon as a problem occurs is always better than waiting for the issue to worsen. When the time comes to bring your electric vehicle in for servicing, look no further thanAlliance Auto Service in Ukiah. Our highly skilled technicians will assess the make, model, and year of your vehicle and offer the best recommendation for the type of service needed for your car. We pride ourselves on our shop’s transparency with our services, and we will never recommend something that is not absolutely necessary for your vehicle.

If you are in the area, bring your car to Alliance Auto Service today. 



The Benefits of Alliance Auto Service

  • Servicing All Import & Domestic Vehicles
  • The Only AAA Approved Shop in Town
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Alliance Auto ServiceFor auto repairs with pride and care, count on your local import and domestic car specialists at Alliance Auto Service in Ukiah, CA.